Bar Meeting Minutes

Bar Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2017


Bar President Logan Butler opened the meeting

Announcements From the Bar:

New Members/Visitors to the Forsyth County Bar Association:

            Elliot Bourne

            Keith Hoffman

            Angela (Angie) Martin McKinney

            Lisa Sowers 

Thanks to all those who attended the Summer Bar Social at the Reid Barn!

Announcements from the Bar concluded. 

Announcements From the Bench:

Judge Bagley is working on the 2018 calendar and hopes to have it out in early October. Judge Bagley also mentioned the need for additional attorney coaches for the Mock Trial programs at local high schools.

Judge McClelland is working on his 2018 calendar. He also briefly discussed potential upcoming legislation on bail reform. Pretrial risk assessment is being used in State Court now. He is using video-in first appearances and trying to use it more. Judge McClelland also emphasized the need for more attorney coaches for the Mock Trial programs at local high schools.

Judge Abernathy-Maddox is done with her calendar. She is using the video conference technology for inmates. Judge Abernathy-Mattox also discussed the need for more attorney coaches for the Mock Trial programs at local high schools.

Judge Bagley discussed the potential for storm precautions. He will issue an order if the emergency plan is enacted.

Announcements from the Bench concluded.

Speakers: Mr. Eric Lauterbach and Ms. Michele Dugan, Forsyth County Schools:

Some takeaways:

            They discussed the need for attorney coaches and the impact attorney coaches have on the students who participate in the Mock Trial Competition.

            The problem comes out in early-October.

            Teacher coaches are probably in the process of picking teams.

            On average, the time commitment for each attorney coach is one night a week, depending on the number of attorney coaches, the amount of introductory training required, and final preparations.

            The Mock Trial Competition is held on January 26 and 27, 2018.

The presentation concluded, and the meeting was adjourned.

Upcoming Bar Lunch Meetings

The Forsyth County Bar Association holds a business meeting over lunch at Tam's Backstage every other month. The dates for these meetings for the 2017-2018 bar year are below. Evite invitations will also be sent.

  • September 8, 2017
  • November 17, 2017
  • January 12, 2018
  • March 9, 2018
  • May 11, 2018
Lunch is $14/per person, and is payable in cash, check or by credit card (with a small processing fee) at the lunch meeting.

We hope to see our bar members and guests in attendance!

Bar Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2017

Forsyth County Bar Association Meeting

March 10, 2017


Special thanks to Alan Meincke and Caitlyn Hood for their assistance with the March Bar Meeting.

Bar Vice President Ryan Brumlow opened the meeting.

Announcements from the Bar:

Thanks to all those who attend the February Bar Social at Tam’s Tupelo!

Upcoming Events:

  • April Social - Suggestions? Details to follow by email. 
  • Law Day: Wed, May 10th at noon at Lanier Tech, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of South Forsyth. Evite has been sent - so check your email, and please be sure to RSVP. Cost is $12, payment is running exclusively through the Chamber of Commerce. The Evite contains a link to go online and pay. 

Reminder: Please make sure your email addresses on the Bar website are correct, as email is our primary method of communication. If you need help logging in to your profile, contact Mandy Moyer.  

Announcements from the Bar concluded.

​Announcements from the Bench:​

​Judge Bagley was unable to attend today, but has agreed to head the Liberty Bell award selection committee once again. The Liberty Bell ​award recognizes a non-lawyer who has impacted the legal community in a significant, meaningful way.

Nominations for the award can be emailed to Judge Bagley, or to Mandy Moyer, who will pass those along to Judge Bagley. 

A call for nominations was made.

No nominations were heard.

Announcements from the Bench concluded.

Speaker: Ms. Laura Lundquist, Senior Support Account Manager, eSolutions, Tyler Technologies, speaking regarding the second eFiling system available in the Clerk of Court's office

Some takeaways:

  • ·      Tyler System used for efficiency/consistency
  • ·      Self-help section available if you need help
  • ·      To register:
    • o   Enter name, email, and password
    • o   Set security questions
    • o   2 Options: Firm or Self-representative account
    • o   If you already have efiling account, get firm admin to send you and invite to be connected with firm
    • o   Orange circles = self-help guide
  • ·      Make sure you have payment set up first; can’t file if you don’t have payment method set up
  • ·      You can create templates under “My Filings” to make things faster
  • ·      START A NEW CASE
    • o   Green “Success” box lets you know you’ve done page correctly; red box: something’s wrong
      • §  Can always go back and add additional parties
    • o   2 Options
      • §  Efile
      • §  Efile and serve
    • o   Filing Code (picked by clerk’s office)
      • §  Don’t call the efiling/Odyssey folks with these questions; call clerk’s office
    • o   Reference number is for YOU: (internal)
      • §  Can use file numbers or interoffice matter numbers.
    • o   Filing comments: Special things you need to communicate to clerks (if only notes)
    • o   Courtesy copies:
      • §  When you file it sends email to you and whoever you enter in courtesy copy filed
    • o   Security:
      • §  Select public or confidential
      • §  Clerk’s office may disagree
    • o   Attachments: Can add if needed
    • o   Service contracts: Who do you want to serve?
  • ·      After you file, it will send you an email with a link to see doc.
  • ·      Fees: E-filing fee is $7.00 regardless of how many files.
    • o   You can add as many as you want and file multiple documents at once.
  • ·      County employees can do a waive of fee
  • ·      Submission Agent: If you need sheriff to serve, it is your responsibility to print and deliver service packet to sheriff
  • ·      Review page – make sure everything is correct, then hit submit
  • ·      It gives you an envelope number: That’s the ID number Odyssey uses for help on filer help line – need this is you have any questions
  • ·      It goes into Queue for clerks and they can review everything and accept/reject it.
  • ·      Home: if you need to get back to start page
  • ·      File into existing case option
  • ·      Home:
    • o   File in existing case
    • o   Type in CAFN
    • o   Go to Actions: Select file into case and file into case with templates
  • ·      Actions:
    • o   Can generate reports for purposes of financial reconciliation
    • o   Can add attorney
  • ·      Filing Activity: View All (Can see recent filings in your firm)
    • o   Can filter by date range, etc.
  • ·      Odyssey: you can email or call support line (7-9 Central Time)
    • o   Service center based in Texas
  • ·      HELP: other bulletins there to help
  • ·      Can only file multiple filings in some cases
  • ·      Credit Cards get service checks
  • ·      Can set up e-checks with account number etc. and that’s only $1.
    • o   Less than CC charge on same things
  • ·      Authorize to initiate e-filing to Judge: HB15 shifting to clerks
  • ·      Affidavits and verification no electronically sync
    • o   Sign/notarize original and file in office
    • o   Scan in
    • o   Keep OG
  • ·      Special Process servers?
    • o   There are permanent process servers here now

The presentation concluded, and the meeting was adjourned.

Upcoming Bar Events

Thumb screen shot 2017 02 13 at 100859 pm

Bar Meeting Minutes - January 13, 2017

Forsyth County Bar Association Meeting

January 13, 2017


Bar President Charlotte Ruble opened the meeting.

Announcements from the Bench:

Judge Bagley reported that the computer station in the attorney’s lounge is now available for use. Attorneys can use this computer to print documents that they have on a flash drive or memory stick. At this time, there is no charge for this service. Please do not abuse this courtesy.

Judge Jackson reported that the Juvenile Court applied for and received a grant to create a family treatment court. Judge Meincke will be overseeing this court. The family treatment court will be modeled after other accountability courts, such as drug courts. Child abuse and neglect issues, particularly those with a substance abuse component, will be addressed by this court. Anyone can make a referral to the family treatment court. Ashley Willingham will be the court coordinator. The court will be up and running beginning in February 2017.

Judge Boles introduced the newest part-time magistrate judge, Erin Fowler. Judge Fowler will be hearing county ordinance violations as well as handling warrants. In other Magistrate Court news, the Magistrate Court has started doing first appearance hearings on Saturdays.

Judge Boles also reminded the group that Magistrate Court has its own e-filing options. The free option can be found at, and can be used presently for civil matters only. The other option is NCourt,, which costs $20.

Judge McClelland reminded the group that the State and Superior Courts are currently offering permissive e-filing of civil cases. Permissive e-filing of pleadings in criminal cases is expected, maybe as soon as March 2017. Two e-filing systems are available: PeachCourt and software from Tyler Technologies.

Announcements from the bench concluded.

Speakers: Ryan Roengik and Jay Bland, Esq., of Peach Court.

Jay Bland explained that our Clerk of Court, Greg Allen, and Emily Caldwell of the Clerk’s office, have provided two e-filing options for Forsyth County cases. He then gave an informative presentation regarding one of those two options: PeachCourt.

Some takeaways:

  • The Superior Court rules regarding e-filing also apply to State Court e-filing.
  • In e-filing, the “filer” should be the attorney working on the case – even if your administrative staff does the actual filing, the “filer” needs to be the person with the bar number. However, each “filer” account can have as many courtesy email addresses as you want. So, your administrative staff can still physically push the button to e-file, and receive the e-filing notifications.
  • PeachCourt charges $5 to file. You save your documents in PDF, and then are charged $5 to file as many documents as you want, provided they fit within a certain file size.
  • $5 is likely cheaper than traditional filing costs outside of court filing fees, when you consider the costs of paper, ink, and postage to and from.
  • Time estimates: PeachCourt takes about 5 minutes to file a new case, and about 2 minutes to file something in an existing case.
  • You will be able to use PeachCourt to search any open case – not just those cases that have been e-filed. So, if opposing counsel is not an early adopted of e-filing, you will still be able to see all pleadings in the PeachCourt system. (This access may or may not be through the local court portal. Just depends on the county.)
  • Presently, 19,000 people are using PeachCourt.
  • They pride themselves on customer service and responsiveness.
  • More features are anticipated in the future – for example, generating summons.
  • A list of all counties currently using PeachCourt can be found here: (Hall and Dawson are using it already.)   
  • PeachCourt offers free online training twice a week, via webinar. The webinar is approximately 45 minutes long. 
  • In response to a question regarding whether e-filing will soon be available in all courts, Judge McClelland noted that the Uniform Rules Committee and the Standing Committee on Technology are working together to update the uniform rules of all courts such that e-filing rules will be uniform across all courts.

The presentation concluded, and the meeting was adjourned.

Bar Meeting Minutes - November 4, 2016

Forsyth County Bar Association Meeting

November 4, 2016


30 in attendance.

Bar President Charlotte Ruble opened the meeting.

The Bar’s Holiday Party will be held at Windermere on Thursday, December 15th beginning at 6pm. Bar members and guests are welcome to attend.

She reported that the Superior Court intends to purchase a desktop computer for use by attorneys in the attorney lounge. The computer will provide USB access, printing, and internet access.

Judge Smith provided an update regarding issues with the new courthouse’s acoustics – specifically, that conversations can be heard through the walls. After discussing these issues with the architects and builders, the proposed solution is that a white noise machine will be installed. The white noise machine has been demonstrated to the judges, and it seems like a possible solution.

Judge Smith reported that State Court has initiated e-filing. E-filing has not yet been implemented in Superior Court, but is planned. A brief discussion of authentication issues inherent in e-filing was had.

Judge Jordan provided an update regarding Probate Court, which is also considering implementation of e-filing. Authentication issues related to e-filing in Probate Court include the issue of original Wills. The Probate Courts across the state are working in conjunction to determine how to handle these authentication issues.  

Judge Jordan announced that Probate Court’s one year anniversary of their move to the remodeled courthouse was approximately November 1. Unfortunately, there has not been time for an open house so far. The remodeled space continues to work well; attorney scheduling is on time, with special set hearings minimizing wait times for counsel, and the AV system in the courtroom is sophisticated.

Announcements from the bench concluded.

Jennifer Patterson introduced April Breeden, Esq., a new associate at Patterson Moore Butler.

Jennifer Patterson thanked those who were able to attend Patterson Moore Butler’s open house celebrating their new office space on Thursday, November 3rd. She extended an open invitation to stop by and check out the space anytime.

Charlotte Ruble introduced Brittne Jackson, Esq., a new associate at Meriwether & Tharp.

Announcements from the bar concluded, and the meeting was adjourned.

SAVE THE DATE Bar Holiday Party - December 15, 2016

Thumb foco bar holiday party 2016

Bar Meeting Minutes - September 9, 2016

Forsyth County Bar Association Meeting
September 9, 2016
Official business began at 12:28pm and concluded at 1:10pm.
23 in attendance.
Bar President Charlotte Ruble opened the meeting.

Judge Bagley provided an update regarding e-filing. He has created a subcommittee for civil e-filing. The subcommittee will be working out the logistics of e-filing from a practitioner’s standpoint. The subcommittee will report to JSCC. Bar President Charlotte Ruble has been appointed to the committee, as has Tracy Ann Moore.

Charlotte Ruble noted that e-filing will be tested by a test group before going live, and that she will keep the Bar apprised of e-filing updates as they become available.

Judge McClelland gave an in-depth overview of the plan regarding e-filing.
·         Tyler software will soon have the capability to view multiple documents like tabs in an internet browser. This function is expected to be available to Forsyth County users by the second half of 2017.
·         Recently passed statute requires the State and Superior courts to have a standing order regarding e-filing.
·         Clerk of Court Greg Allen is anticipating the use of Tyler’s Odyssey e-filing as well as PeachCorp e-filing.
·         The plan is to go from permissive e-filing to mandatory e-filing. First, in civil matters, and then in criminal matters. After that, the system will be available for e-discovery.

There were no other updates from the Bench.

Charlotte Ruble noted the upcoming bar meeting dates:
·         October 13th:  Evening Social at Cherry Street Brewery
·         November 11th: Lunch Meeting at Tam’s (NOTE: NOW MOVED TO NOVEMBER 4TH)
·         December 15th: Holiday Party at Windermere
·         January 13th: Lunch Meeting at Tam’s

Charlotte Ruble introduced the meeting’s guest speakers: Suellen Riley-Daniels, Executive Director of Fill Ministries, and Stephen Daniels, Co-Founder and Board Member of Fill Ministries.

Ms. Daniels explained that despite the affluence of the county, there are many in need – and many of those in need are children. The mission of Fill Ministries is to help those in need in the community move from insufficiency, to sufficiency, to self-sufficiency​. Fill Ministries has identified real property that they seek to purchase to create a food and fish producing facility to serve needy families in the area as well as to sell to generate income for Fill Ministries. Click here to learn more.


Upcoming Bar Events

Thumb bar dates image 090916

PLEASE NOTE: The November Bar Meeting has been moved from Friday, November 11th to Friday, November 4th. The meeting remains at Tam's.

September Bar Meeting

Our next Bar lunch meeting is Friday, September 9th at Tam's BackStage at noon.

We will be hearing from Ms. Suellen Riley-Daniels, the Executive Director of Fill Ministries. Learn more here:

Lunch is $14.00 per person, payable at the event.  You can pay by cash, check or credit card (with a small processing fee).

Please plan on attending this meeting.

August Summer Bar Party

The Forsyth County Bar Association wants to Welcome the new board members for the 2016-2017 year.


President: Charlotte Ruble
Vice President: D. Ryan Brumlow
Treasurer: E. Logan Butler, IV
Secretary: Mandy Moyer

Our next meeting will be our Summer Bar Party on August 11, 2106 from 12:00 noon to 1:30.  We are considering two locations at this time and we will update you on more details with an Evite to the members directly.

Please be sure to send in your dues for the 2016-2017 year.  Dues are due August 1, 2016.
Dues are $100 for all other members.  Members barred less than two years get a reduced rate of $50 and those barred less than a year are able to join at no charge.

You will be receiving an invoice for dues in the coming days.

We now accept credit card payments for dues so please contact Logan Butler at 770-899-0846 to process your payment. You may also mail your dues to:

Forsyth County Bar Association 
P.O. Box 186
Cumming, GA 30028

We hope to see you all soon!

August Meeting is August Summer Bar Party

Our August Meeting is the Summer Bar Party at the Coo Coo's Nest August 13, 2015, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.  Dinner and drinks will be provided.

Minutes from the July 10, 2015 Bar Meeting

Meeting commenced at 12:00 pm and ended at approximately 1:00 p.m.  There were 56 attendees. 


1.     Welcome by President Alan Meincke.

2.     Discussion of the survey email sent by Alan and a request that everyone complete the survey.

3.     Reminder that annual dues are due by the end of July.

4.     Discussion regarding the Summer Bar Party.

a.     Tentatively scheduled for August 13th at Coo Coo’s nest again.  This location seems to be the best suited for the size of our group.

b.     Attorney Steven Leibel announced his wife has an event facility in North Forsyth that could accommodate the party.  Will consider looking into a facility but time might restrict that option.

5.     Reminder for members to update the Bar membership online directory.

6.     Announcement that the Law Library has full Westlaw access.

7.     Announcements from the Bench

a.     Judge Bagley announced that the Attorney Resource Center located next to the Law Library is open and available to members of the Bar.  Currently the front door is locked to the public but you can access the Center through the Law Library.  Judge Bagley is open to suggestions regarding the main door and access.  The Center was decorated courtesy of the Superior Court Judges.

b.     Judge Bagley also announced that the statue of Lady Justice for the new courthouse has been approved and will be sent off for bronzing soon.  The unveiling date has been set for November 5, 2015.

c.     Judge McClelland announced that the Fourth Floor renovations are mostly complete and that the Indigent Defense Office, Pre-Trial Services and Accountability Court Offices will be moving into their new spaces in about thirty days.

d.     Judge McClelland also announced that he will be the presenting speaker at the Forsyth County Defense Bar Meeting on Friday July 17 and will be speaking on the process changes regarding State Court and DUI Court.

e.     Judge Jordan announced that the remodeling of the old Courthouse to accommodate Probate Court is proceeding and it looks excellent.  There will be easy ADA compliant access from the back door.  They are also installing a high density filing system.  Expected move in time frame is 60 to 90 days.

f.      Judge Jordan also announced that a new set of probate forms became effective on July 1, 2015.

g.     Judge Boles did not have any announcements from Magistrate Court.

h.     Judge Jackson announced that Juvenile Court has experienced a 70% increase in dependency cases and he is in need of attorneys willing to accept appointments to these cases.

i.      Judge Jackson also announced that due to the work volume in Juvenile Court that Assistant Juvenile Judge Meincke is now sitting three days per week.

8.     Frank Hamilton announced that the Hamilton Ice Cream Social is scheduled for Friday July 24, 2015 at the Gazebo on the old Courthouse lawn.

Next Meeting July 10th Noon at Tam's Backstage

Next meeting is Friday, July 10th at Tam's Backstage.

Mintues of the June Meeting and 2015-2016 Board Announcment

Congratulations to the following Board Members for the 2015-2016 Forsyth County Bar Association:

President: Alan Meincke 
Vice President: Charlotte Ruble
Secretary: Logan Butler
Treasurer: Ryan Brumlow

Minutes from Meeting June 12, 2015:

Elections to be held for 2015-2016 Board Members at today's meeting.

Updates from the Bench:

Superior Court: No announcements.

State Court: looking for artwork to put into courthouse specifically for State Court's (4th) floor. Contact Robin Rooks for those who have ideas, etc.

The fourth floor of the New Court house has meeting space that's available for depositions, meditations, etc. 

There is a phone on each floor to call the judge's chambers for someone to open them up if needed. 

The Court is aware of sound-proofing issues and they are currently being addressed with the builders.

Juvenile Court:

   Forsyth County Peer Court needs volunteers.  Please check out the website: Submit application to Rebecca Rusk for Peer Court

Probate Court: No announcements.

Summer Bar Party Information Coming Soon. Please send suggestions and feedback to Alan Meincke or Charlotte Ruble.

Next Meeting-- June 12, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended and assisted with Law Day.  It was a great event and great to use the Jury Assembly Room at the new Courthouse.

Our next meeting will be held at Tam's Backstage on Friday, June 12, 2015 at noon.  We will be holding officer elections, so if you or someone you know would like to be nominated for a position, please let us know.

March Madness Bracket Challenge Winner

And the winner is.... Tracy Ann Moore!!!


Minutes of April 3 Meeting

April Meeting 4/3/15

Law Day May 1, 2015.  You must RSVP.  Payment accepted through the Chamber of Commerce. Guest Speaker: Patrese Perkins-Hooker

The Legal Food Frenzy is coming up:

                Contact Mandy Moyer

$1=4lbs of food; food is food  Help feed those in need in our community.

Food Frenzy: April 20th to May 1st

Updates from the Bench:

Superior Court

                We are in. First civil jury trial this week.  Used the first Elmo with photos, documents and pull down screens for the court room.

                Judge Bagley urges attorneys: to get training on the equipment prior to trial.  Contact Robin Rooks in court administration.

                Judge Dickinson: How document flow is happening in new courthouse

                Getting recently filed documents to the courtroom and your judge.

                Documents ran between offices and clerk at 10am;2pm;4pm within the courthouse. 

                Judges open to feedback. Put notes on courtesy copies for judges.

                Tighter security and access to judges.  Consent Bonds filed and signed by judge should be sent from judge’s staff to Jail.  Call or email judge’s assistants for help with this.

Electronic Access to Court filed documents:

                May be accessed by lawyers for fee.  Contact Clerk’s office.

State Court:  Working with new court rooms.  Some issues with sight lines between witnesses, jurors, and parties.  Courts open to feedback.  Encourages attorneys to get familiar with court system.  All exhibits shall be converted to digital image at some point.  Annotators at the witness stand and podium.  Annotators also have a white board option.  They are changing on how you get your client into DUI court.  This shall be disseminated by the Court.

Linda Douglas retired 4/2/15.  Angie Hill starting April 16, 2015 for Judge McClellan.

Magistrate Court: No announcements

Juvenile Court: No announcements                       

Probate Court:

                The Court will be on the ground floor for the back entrance for the elderly, handicap, and easy access to disabled individuals.

Liberty Bell Nominations:

                Recipient by unanimous vote: Forsyth County Historical Society to be accepted by Martha McConnell.

The Forsyth County Bar Association will do a Resolution of gratitude for the Forsyth Sheriff’s department and employees for their service protecting our courthouse, employees, and the safety of our justice system.

                Passed unanimously

March Madness 17 participants

Elections for 2015-2016 Bar year: Friday June 12, 2015

Officers of the board are up for election.  Email nominees for officers to Sarah Low

Law Day May 1, 2015

Thumb lawday final logo newJoin the Forsyth County Bar Association as we celebrate Law Day on May 1, 2015.  Our Law Day celebration will begin at 12:00 PM at the Forsyth County Courthouse Jury Assembly Room, Cumming, GA 30040 where we will recognize achievements in the legal field over the past year, award scholarships, award the coveted Liberty Bell Prize, recognize mock trial winners, and celebrate the rule of law in our community.  Our keynote speaker this year will be Patrise Perkins-Hooker, Ga State Bar President and Vice President and General Counsel of the Atlanta Beltline, Inc. , who will discuss this year's Law Day theme: "Magna Carta."  Registration is available through the Cumming-Forsyth County Chamber of Commerce.  Registration is $25.00 in advance only due to seating restrictions.  Link to register is below:

Next Meeting--- Friday, April 3, 2015

Our next luncheon meeting will be held at Tams Backstage on Friday, April 3, 2015.  We hope all of you can attend as we will be discussing Law Day and the Legal Food Frenzy, among other topics.

Lunch is $14.00 per person.

Next Meeting-- March 6, 2015 at 12:00pm (Cancelled)

Don't Forget-- our next Bar Meeting will be at the new Forsyth County Courthouse at 12:00pm.  Lunch will be served.  We will have a guest speaker along with tours available of the new Courthouse as well.

Law Day 2015-- May 1, 2015

Law Day will be hosted by the Forsyth County Bar Association and will be held at the new Forsyth County Courthouse on May 1, 2015 at noon.

More details to follow.

March Bar Luncheon

The Forsyth County Bar Association will be hosting its March Luncheon on Friday, March 6, 2015 at noon at the new Forsyth County Courthouse.  Lunch will be served.

Further details to follow.

Holiday Party December 9th at 5:30

The Forsyth County Bar Association will be hosting their Holiday Party Tuesday December 9, 2014, at Windermere Golf Club from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.  Please RSVP to the Evite we sent out so that we can have an accurate head count.

We hope to see you there!

November 14, 2014 Bar Luncheon Meeting

Our November meeting will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 at noon at Tam's Backstage in Cumming, Georgia.  Lunch is $14.00 per person.

We have the honor of our guest speaker, Ms. Paula Frederick, from the State Bar to provide us with an update on the Ethics rules for Georgia. 

We will also be collecting items for the Bald Ridge Boys Lodge.  If you cannot make the meeting, but would still like to donate, we are accepting monetary donations as well that can me mailed to the Forsyth County Bar Association P.O. Box.

We hope to see all of you there.