Forsyth County Bar Association Meeting

March 10, 2017


Special thanks to Alan Meincke and Caitlyn Hood for their assistance with the March Bar Meeting.

Bar Vice President Ryan Brumlow opened the meeting.

Announcements from the Bar:

Thanks to all those who attend the February Bar Social at Tam’s Tupelo!

Upcoming Events:

  • April Social – Suggestions? Details to follow by email.
  • Law Day: Wed, May 10th at noon at Lanier Tech, in conjunction with the Rotary Club of South Forsyth. Evite has been sent – so check your email, and please be sure to RSVP. Cost is $12, payment is running exclusively through the Chamber of Commerce. The Evite contains a link to go online and pay.

Reminder: Please make sure your email addresses on the Bar website are correct, as email is our primary method of communication. If you need help logging in to your profile, contact Mandy Moyer.

Announcements from the Bar concluded.

​Announcements from the Bench:​

​Judge Bagley was unable to attend today, but has agreed to head the Liberty Bell award selection committee once again. The Liberty Bell ​award recognizes a non-lawyer who has impacted the legal community in a significant, meaningful way.

Nominations for the award can be emailed to Judge Bagley, or to Mandy Moyer, who will pass those along to Judge Bagley. 

A call for nominations was made.

No nominations were heard.

Announcements from the Bench concluded.

Speaker: Ms. Laura Lundquist, Senior Support Account Manager, eSolutions, Tyler Technologies, speaking regarding the second eFiling system available in the Clerk of Court’s office

Some takeaways:

  • ·      Tyler System used for efficiency/consistency
  • ·      Self-help section available if you need help
  • ·      To register:
    • o   Enter name, email, and password
    • o   Set security questions
    • o   2 Options: Firm or Self-representative account
    • o   If you already have efiling account, get firm admin to send you and invite to be connected with firm
    • o   Orange circles = self-help guide
  • ·      Make sure you have payment set up first; can’t file if you don’t have payment method set up
  • ·      You can create templates under “My Filings” to make things faster
  • ·      START A NEW CASE
    • o   Green “Success” box lets you know you’ve done page correctly; red box: something’s wrong
      • §  Can always go back and add additional parties
    • o   2 Options
      • §  Efile
      • §  Efile and serve
    • o   Filing Code (picked by clerk’s office)
      • §  Don’t call the efiling/Odyssey folks with these questions; call clerk’s office
    • o   Reference number is for YOU: (internal)
      • §  Can use file numbers or interoffice matter numbers.
    • o   Filing comments: Special things you need to communicate to clerks (if only notes)
    • o   Courtesy copies:
      • §  When you file it sends email to you and whoever you enter in courtesy copy filed
    • o   Security:
      • §  Select public or confidential
      • §  Clerk’s office may disagree
    • o   Attachments: Can add if needed
    • o   Service contracts: Who do you want to serve?
  • ·      After you file, it will send you an email with a link to see doc.
  • ·      Fees: E-filing fee is $7.00 regardless of how many files.
    • o   You can add as many as you want and file multiple documents at once.
  • ·      County employees can do a waive of fee
  • ·      Submission Agent: If you need sheriff to serve, it is your responsibility to print and deliver service packet to sheriff
  • ·      Review page – make sure everything is correct, then hit submit
  • ·      It gives you an envelope number: That’s the ID number Odyssey uses for help on filer help line – need this is you have any questions
  • ·      It goes into Queue for clerks and they can review everything and accept/reject it.
  • ·      Home: if you need to get back to start page
  • ·      File into existing case option
  • ·      Home:
    • o   File in existing case
    • o   Type in CAFN
    • o   Go to Actions: Select file into case and file into case with templates
  • ·      Actions:
    • o   Can generate reports for purposes of financial reconciliation
    • o   Can add attorney
  • ·      Filing Activity: View All (Can see recent filings in your firm)
    • o   Can filter by date range, etc.
  • ·      Odyssey: you can email or call support line (7-9 Central Time)
    • o   Service center based in Texas
  • ·      HELP: other bulletins there to help
  • ·      Can only file multiple filings in some cases
  • ·      Credit Cards get service checks
  • ·      Can set up e-checks with account number etc. and that’s only $1.
    • o   Less than CC charge on same things
  • ·      Authorize to initiate e-filing to Judge: HB15 shifting to clerks
  • ·      Affidavits and verification no electronically sync
    • o   Sign/notarize original and file in office
    • o   Scan in
    • o   Keep OG
  • ·      Special Process servers?
    • o   There are permanent process servers here now

The presentation concluded, and the meeting was adjourned.