Congratulations to the following Board Members for the 2015-2016 Forsyth County Bar Association:

President: Alan Meincke 
Vice President: Charlotte Ruble
Secretary: Logan Butler
Treasurer: Ryan Brumlow

Minutes from Meeting June 12, 2015:
Elections to be held for 2015-2016 Board Members at today’s meeting.

Updates from the Bench:

Superior Court: No announcements.

State Court: looking for artwork to put into courthouse specifically for State Court’s (4th) floor. Contact Robin Rooks for those who have ideas, etc.

The fourth floor of the New Court house has meeting space that’s available for depositions, meditations, etc.

There is a phone on each floor to call the judge’s chambers for someone to open them up if needed.

The Court is aware of sound-proofing issues and they are currently being addressed with the builders.

Juvenile Court:

Forsyth County Peer Court needs volunteers.  Please check out the website: Submit application to Rebecca Rusk for Peer Court

Probate Court: No announcements.

Summer Bar Party Information Coming Soon. Please send suggestions and feedback to Alan Meincke or Charlotte Ruble.