Update from the Bench:

Time Capsule Competition:
Judge Bagley has proposed a time capsule to be placed at the New Court house.  Local schools are being solicited for ideas and articles to be placed in the time capsule.  The Forsyth County Bar Association has agreed to donate funds  as scholarships to the winners of the time capsule competition.  The local Newspapers editors will be judging the entries.  The time capsule will be a part of the Opening Ceremony of the New Court House.

Court House Update:
The New Court House is still projected to open February of 2015.  The Real Estate Records and Clerk’s office will be on the first floor of the new Court House.

The Old Court House building:
The Old Court House building will be used for the Sheriff’s office.  The Sheriff’s office is losing their current facility and need new head quarters.  Probate Court will be located on the ground floor of the Old Court House building.

Magistrate Court:
Magistrate Court will stay in its current location until the Sheriff’s office finds a permanent facility.

Arts Committee for the New Court House:
There is an Arts Committee to determine art for the New Court House.  The Community may make any suggestions to the Committee.

State Court:
State Court is making changes to their hearing calendar system to hopefully improve wait times for attorneys and parties.  There will be a first Motions day where parties may announce if they are ready or if evidentiary hearing is necessary.  If an evidentiary hearing is necessary then a hearing will be scheduled at the First Motions day.  There will be an electronic process to get removed from the calendar call, to provide case status to the Court, and to provide any notices to the Judge.

Mock Trial Dates:
Mock Trial competition to be held January 3rd- January 31st, 2015.  There will be two rounds of competition.  We are hosting the Semi Finals this year on Saturday February 28th, 2015.  Contact Melissa Banker and Laura Terry to volunteer.

Guest Speaker
Rebecca Salmon

Rebecca runs a private practice and nonprofit practice primarily with children and victims of violence.  She also practices immigration law.  She is looking for volunteers to help with her nonprofit business.  She is willing to train attorneys in immigration law for their pro bono services.  Please contact Rebecca Salmon at Access to Law help@accesstolawfoundation.org 770-685-1499 for more information.